555 Madison Avenue

The Coates Building


555 Madison Avenue has been owned and operated by the Coates family since 1961. With a long term outlook, ownership continues to focus on creating value for the building and the companies which call 555 Madison home. Since 2012, a substantial modernization program has been implemented. This includes a redesigned lobby finished with 20-foot walls of French limestone and Swedish granite flooring as well as a refinished building facade. Most recently a full modernization program of the building’s elevator cabs is underway, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.  
Since 2007, the building has been a committed participant in the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership whose members pledge to purchase at least 15% of their energy from green power sources. As part of this commitment, ownership has upgraded the building's fan systems with energy-efficient motors and variable frequency drives. In 2014 the building upgraded their chiller plant and now has dual fuel cooling capabilities, and maximum redundancy and flexibility to ensure no service interruptions during periods of extreme weather conditions. We are in the early stages of installing an additional 500-ton tenant dedicated cooling tower which will provide condenser water to tenants on a 24/7/365 basis.
555 Madison Avenue offers a high-end, TPG designed prebuilt program with current availabilities ranging from 3,853-7,888 square feet, for immediate possession.
Centrally located in the heart of the Plaza District,555 Madison is home to a variety of blue-chip tenants.


Availability/Floor Plans

Availability/Floor Plans




17th Floor – 4,040 RSF, Pre-built – Available 7/1/18

11th Floor – 3,853 RSF, Pre-built – Available Immediately

11th Floor – 5,908 RSF, Pre-built – Available Immediately

11th Floor – 7,888 RSF, Pre-built – Available Immediately

Retail – 3,100 RSF, Whitebox – Available Immediately




Technical Specifications

Architects                                                John M. Kokkins, Morris, Lapidus, Harrle & Liebman

Completion Date                                   1961

Number of Floors                                  32

Building Size                                         450,531 RSF

                                                                Floors 2 – 7     25,250 RSF
                                                                Floors 8 – 11   23,167 RSF                                                                   Floors 12 – 13    10,900 RSF
                                                                Floors 14 – 16    15, 200 RSF
                                                                Floors 17 – 21    9,733 RSF
                                                                Floors 22 – 31    5,829 RSF

Ceiling Heights                                     Slab-to-slab 10' 4"

Elevators                                                There are six passenger elevators serving the lower floors
                                                                (2–14). Each has a capacity of 3,500 lbs and runs at a
                                                                speed of 500 FPM. Four passenger elevators serve the
                                                                upper floors. These have a capacity of 2,500 lbs and run at
                                                                a speed of 800 FPM. There are two service elevators each
                                                                with a capacity of 2,500 lbs and one key controlled swing
                                                                elevator serves the sub-cellar.
                                                                Service Elevator #9:
                                                                                               Opening: 42" W x 84" H Inside: 78" x 44" x 92" H

                                                                Service Elevator #11:
                                                                Opening: 48" W x 84" H Inside: 68" x 51" x 88 " H

Design Load                                          Live Load @ 50 lbs per square foot

Column Spacing                                   Average 23" x 21"

Window Mullion Spacing                   51" – 58" (center-to-center)

Windows Overall                                52" W x 82" H

Window Glazing                                 43.3125" W x 74" H to 49" W x 74" H

Electrical                                              Current capacity stands at 2,880 amps or 2,290 KW at
                                                              265/460 volts via two separate 3 phase 4 wire bus ducts,
                                                              for an average of 7.0 watts per square foot.

HVAC                                                    In 2014, the building’s chiller plant was supplemented by the
                                                              installation of (2) 500-ton electric drive chillers.  In
                                                              conjunction with the (2) existing steam absorption chillers, the
                                                              building now has dual fuel cooling capabilities, and the
                                                              maximum redundancy and flexibility possible to ensure no
                                                              service interruptions. A 1,200 ton Phillips induced draft
                                                              cooling tower is operable year-round to meet our current
                                                              tenant condenser water needs for supplemental Air
                                                              Conditioning. We are currently in the early stages of
                                                              installing an additional 500-ton cooling tower which will
                                                              provide condenser water to tenants on 24/7/365 basis.

                                                              All floors are equipped with dual temperature
                                                              (winter/summer) peripheral fan coil units, each with its own
                                                              filter and controls. Four main supply fans cool/heat the core
                                                              portions of the building. Hours of operation are:
                                                              Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Telecom                                                All Floors have access to the building's fiber optics. The
                                                              telecommunications provider is Verizon. Incoming service is
                                                              provided at cellar level with two closets on each tenant floor.
                                                              Time Warner is our cable provider.

Security                                                Lobby turnstiles have been installed and the lobby desk is
                                                              staffed 24/7/365. A building ID system provides employee
                                                              access based on tenant’s parameters. A visitor management
                                                              system enables tenants to pre-announce guests and VIP’s for
                                                              easy and quick access at the lobby.




555 Madison Avenue
at 56th street
New York City, NY, 10022

555 Madison, The Coates Building, is a quality Class A building located in the heart of the prestigious Plaza district. Situated between 55th and 56ths streets on Madison Avenue, it is surrounded by world class restaurants, hotels, shops and cultural venues. Nearby sights include the Museum of Modern Art, Central Park, The Plaza, Lever House and the Seagrams building.






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